Green New Deal California Coalition

Coalition Values

We believe that no matter who you are or where you come from, we all deserve dignified work, healthy homes and resilient communities where we can all thrive.

Our work is driven by the following core values:

Healthy Communities & Thriving Environment

We deserve safe and affordable homes and neighborhoods where we can raise families and nurture our roots. We deserve a healthy environment that will ensure access to clean air, clean water, outdoor recreational spaces, schools, libraries, and nourish a sense of well-being all powered by renewable energy and accessible through mass public transportation.

Dignified Work

We deserve dignified work that contributes to the strength of our communities and pays living wages. Workers will be ensured protections such as the right to organize, ability to shape the conditions of their workplace, and receive opportunities for cooperative/alternative ownership.

Solidarity & Justice

We recognize the fight for climate justice is inextricably linked to dismantling and repairing the harms caused by all systems of oppression and extraction. Our movement is interconnected with the fights for Indigenous sovereignty, Black liberation, disability justice, immigrant justice, gender justice, and other liberation/justice movements.

People Power

We deserve the right to determine our own futures, tell our stories, and to actively participate and organize to make the decisions that directly affect our communities.

Accountability & Transformation

We demand accountability from greedy corporate interests who have harmed our communities. We will transform and create new systems to break up the concentration of wealth, redistribute to the people, and reinvest in our new institutions and communities.

2023 Coalition Priorities

Healthy Homes and Resilient Communities (HHRC) offers a holistic approach to overlapping and interconnected issues by focusing on the places where people feel the impacts of our energy system and climate resilience efforts (in their homes and their communities), instead of specific technologies. This framework offers a way to bring together a broad set of forces to champion priorities around equitable building decarbonization, community-scale renewables and storage, community resilience centers, and utility reform.


Although the California Justice40 Act (AB 2419, Bryan) did not pass last year, our coalition will continue to fight to ensure state and federal climate and infrastructure funds are used to create good union jobs, invest in real climate solutions, and go to the communities that need it most.

The California Green New Deal Coalition is committed to being a formation that holds the longer-term vision, and is not caught up in only reacting to events as they happen. The coalition is using this year to develop its power-building strategy towards the development of a 3-5 year campaign agenda to launch at the beginning of 2024.