Green New Deal California Coalition

The California Green New Deal Coalition

We are a coalition of community organizations, advocates, unions, and allies across California who know that the future of our state, nation and planet depends on rapidly transitioning to a clean energy economy with justice at its core.

The climate crisis is here, and we have already seen how poor communities of color are hit worst and first by climate-related emergencies like drought, floods, blackouts, and wildfires.

We need to build a resilient, just economy that guarantees a future where all people can live dignified, healthy lives. We need a California Green New Deal.

Coalition Goals

  • Transformative, unprecedented investments in climate-resilient physical and social infrastructure that create millions of high road, union jobs
  • Progressive revenue measures that secure funding for economic revitalization and community investment
  • Ambitious climate policies that prioritize racial justice through equity and labor standards

Core Strategies

  • Community: Build alignment with progressive community, labor, and Black-, Indigenous-, and people of color-led organizations to fight together on issues that build solidarity and lay the foundation for transformative long-term action
  • Organizing: Mobilize a mass movement of frontline communities and working class people across California into ambitious organizing efforts
  • Storytelling: Change hearts and minds through storytelling and public education about intersecting issues affecting our communities
  • Policy: Pass impactful legislation and put pressure on those standing in the way of bold political action

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee represents the leadership of the coalition. Steering Committee members embody the coalition’s mission and values through their own organization’s work and through their role in the coalition.

The CA Green New Deal Coalition is committed to creating a Steering Committee that centers leadership from frontline community and labor organizations, as well as Black and Indigenous communities and communities of color.

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