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New Year Wishes for California

   By Megan Nguyen, Coalition Communications Coordinator Happy New Year!  My favorite thing about starting a new year is enjoying a period of rest with

Community Agreements

Through an internal workshop series conducted from Sept – Dec 2020, the California Green New Deal Coalition developed a set of agreements to guide how

The California Green New Deal Coalition

We are a coalition of community organizations, advocates, unions, and allies across California who know that the future of our state, nation and planet depends

A Green New Deal Bill of Rights

We demand a Green New Deal for California that guarantees a future where all people have what we need to live dignified, healthy lives. That

#CALeg: Ensure at least 40% of federal climate & infrastructure funds reach the communities where it is most needed — communities of color & low-income communities that breathe higher levels of air pollution. @BuffyWicks @NancySkinnerCA #AB2419 #Justice40

100° heat🌡️ & critical fire weather — this is CA's new climate reality. #CALeg must boost resilience by
➡️$1B to expand access to cooling in homes w/ heat pumps & whole-home upgrades
➡️$1B for community resilience centers

“We’re feeling really torn,” @meemsical_ @apen4ej CA’s #MayRevise allocated $1.2B in utility debt relief but still bolsters fossil fuels. #CALeg @Rendon63rd @SenToniAtkins: meet the full scale of need w/$2B in utility debt relief & 🚫 fossil fuels!

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