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Statewide housing affordability crisis

Across California, the rising cost of rent has pushed people to eviction, homelessness, and displacement. Since 2010 rent in Los Angeles has increased 65%, while inland cities have seen a 40% increase in rent since 2020.

Statewide housing quality crisis

In California, nearly 60% of housing in the state was built before 1980, and much is in need of repairs. Nearly a million renter households have reported having pests, and half a million reported inadequate heating. Poor communities of color are also at the highest risk of exposure to environmental toxins & climate disasters.

Quick Facts

What's the connection between the housing crisis and the climate crisis?

  • 25% of CA’s carbon emissions are from buildings. We need to decarbonize our homes while still protecting tenants & maintaining affordability.

  • Low-quality housing makes residents much more vulnerable to climate impacts and extreme events like heat, flooding, and wildfires. These threats are made much worse for people experiencing homelessness or unstable shelter.

  • The for-profit housing market won’t address the housing crisis, or climate and environmental justice on its own. We need healthy, fossil free, comfortable, and affordable housing for everyone.

Get involved with Green Social Housing

As we embark on this exciting new journey to create sustainable and affordable housing, we believe community involvement is crucial to our success. That’s why we’re reaching out to you! Our community! Join us in shaping the future of green social housing. We welcome your input, ideas, and feedback on how we can make our campaign a success. Whether you have experience in sustainable architecture, community organizing, or a passion for environmental & housing justice, we want to hear from you!